The Traditional Handicrafts And The Symbol Of Aesthetics

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Different states of India specialize in making unique handicrafts that frames its identity. These reflect the culture, heritage, traditions and happenings of a particular age in a particular state. This makes the heritage of India all the more diverse and unique. 

Handmade jewelries

In the recent years, the trend for hand crafted jewelries has increased tremendously. These are made of several metals, glass and even wood. They are carved beautifully and embossed with decorative items to make them look all the more intimidating. These jewelries not only compliment the traditional outfits, but also any modern outfits of today’s age.

Wooden items

Wood is one of the most common items carved into beautiful and unique designs. Consequently, these can be made into large numbers of decorative items like wall hanging, jeweler boxes, toys, animal postures and others. These items are given a perfect finishing with bright colours and sometimes an extravagant finish of lacquer.


The varieties of textiles that different states of India produce make it one of the top textile industries in the world. Each and every state of India has distinct variety of textiles in terms of the materials used, the patterns of weaving and the finishing touches given to it. The tie and die Badhini textile of Rajasthan is totally different and distinct from silks that are woven in Kerala or Assam.
These and many other hand crafted items enrich the tradition of the country.

There is a huge demand for the traditional handicrafts in both domestic and international market. The craft industry today is dominated by the small and medium scale enterprises. They need greater technological support and inventiveness in order to match the demand and supply of these unique products. 

Handicrafts will continue playing an integral role in the cultural and economic well-being of India.Currently, you can buy these handicrafts items exclusively from Awwstruck and you will just be spoilt for a choice.


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