Understanding The Exotic Handicrafts Of Bihar

Bihar has always been a center of attention for the historians. Administrators like Mauryan Empire and Gupta Empire had prospered in the Bihar.  Great names in the Indian History like Ashok, Chandragupta Mauryan and Gautama Buddha had their roots in Bihar. Religions like Buddhism and Jainism were conceived here. Hence, actually Bihar is a place known for its cultural varieties.
The unique features of art and crafts in Bihar are the intrinsic beauties and great artistic power. These artistic beauties are preserved in various forms like in ancient stone, wooden structures, metal-wares, lacquer and grass-clothes. Bihar's craftsmen have excelled in manufacturing artistic goods which have immense demands in both international and local market. Another chief feature of Bihar’s handicraft is their practicality and expediency in daily life like bangle making, stone and khatwa works. However reasonable price is the most vital aspect of the handicrafts in Bihar because of which there are in great demands in Indian as well as in foreign markets.

Madhubani painting is one of the most recognized painting styles all over the world. Madhubani paintings date back to the times of Ramayana. They depict nature and Hindu religious figures and, natural objects like sun, moon, and religious plants like tulsi. Going back further in time, the rock paintings by caveman are till date a source of inspiration for the creative mankind.
During Ashok’s reign beautiful royal throne, royal gates or doors and panels of temples were contrived by wood artists of Bihar. This ancient and rich tradition of wood work has now converted into a big industry. Patna and Danapur are very famous for wooden toy making and furniture. 

 The ‘Shringar’ of Indian females is very well taken care of by the Bihari artisans. Zari work and Kasida embroidery in textiles and other furnishing items are recognizable from the farthest distance. The ‘Kundan work’ in silver or gold jewellery attracts women of all ages and nations.
Bihar with its rich heritage is developing at a considerable speed and we hope that the craftsmanship doesn’t lose its touch till eternity.


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