World Famous Handicrafts of Himachal Pradesh Explored

The age-old talent and skills of the natives of Himachal Pradesh lies in the traditional handicraft designs and ideas. The original design and patterns are unique in nature and provides a rich source of decorative items when it comes to home decor. 

The most famous handicrafts of Himachal Pradesh are categorized into various groups.

1. Exclusive Handicrafts:

This includes the shawls, caps, metal and stone work, traditional jewelry made up of stones, carved wood craft and rugs. The items made up of metal looks exceptionally beautiful in appearance. The shawls and caps are exclusively weaved and embroidered in the regions of Kullu.


2. Traditional Handicrafts:

This category consists of the leather slippers, rugs, carpets that are made up of the beaten wool, Gudmas. Traditional motifs and prints are designed and embossed on the rugs and carpets to make it unique. These exclusive and original products can be purchased from Lahaul.

3. Tribal Handicrafts:

This includes the Farahada and Chhiba that refers to the dyed and printed fabric materials in different contemporary designs and patterns. Tourists from national and international destinations likes this art very much. The idealistic and fascinating prints can be found in many regions of the Himachal Pradesh.

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